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A new horizon  (CD!!!NEW!!!

Third and latest studio album released september 2018 (digipack) Argonauta records (catalogue nr: REX126) 



1 I got drive 

2 Prophecy 

3 10-4

4 Surfing a landslide 

5 Love screams cruelty 

6 Komatsu 

7 Infected

8 A new horizon 

9 Walk a mile

10 This ship has sailed 


        10,95 euro                                     

        Available / 0,4 kg/ ships within 1-3 days                                                                                                               


Recipe for murder one (CD

Second studio album released in 2016 (digipack)

Argonauta records (catalogue nr: REX049) 



1 Scavenger

2 The sea is calm today

3 So how's about Billy?

4 Lockdown (ft Nick Oliveri)

5 A dish best served cod

6 WTF?!

7 Recipe for murder one (ft. Nick Oliveri)

8 There must be something in your water

9 The long way home

10 Against all odds

11 Breathe 




     10,95 euro

         Available / 0,4 kg/ ships within 1-3 days


Manu Armata (CD)

First studio album released in 2013 (digipack)

Suburban records (catalogue nr: BURDCD106)



1 A new low

2 Fasten your belts

3 Blackwater

4 Beat you to the punch 

5 Lean on me 

6 Kamikaze

7 Under your skin 

8 When wolves cry wolf

9 Too rare to die 

10 Motherload 



     10,00 euro                         

         available / 0,65 kg / ships within 1-3 days 



Komatsu - EP 

EP released in 2012 (fold-over sleeve) 

Self released



1 The mountain...

2 Komatsu

3 Believe

4 Gator

5 Comin' 

6 Hail to the king








     6,66 euro                           

         available / 0,3 kg / ships within 1-3 days